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Deep Learning Systems for AI and Scientific Computing

High performance GPU Systems built in Switzerland
  • Large online configurator, each system can be configured individually
  • Equipped with the latest technology for deep learning
  • Professional configurations and tailored solutions on request
  • Contact us for personal advice

Wide range of professional Deep Learning / GPU Systems

Our Deep Learning systems can be individually tailored to your needs with the online configurator. The selection of GPU systems is comprehensive. We also realize turn-key solutions including Server, Storage, Connectivity and Software.

The Deep Learning systems are particularly suitable for machine learning, AI and scientific computing and designed for maximum performance and years of operation.

With brentford GPU workstation and server, you train your neural networks in a much shorter time. Equipped with up to four or eight NVIDIA RTX or Tesla GPUs, a huge amount of computing power is available. Brentford's systems are pre-configured and set up for most deep learning frameworks.

Contact us for personal advice or Inquiry Requests.

Manuel Gutierrez
Your contact for Deep Learning I AI I Scientific Computing Manuel Gutierrez 041 749 11 11

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